Interest in Investment - TerraCycle US Inc.

Basil E. Bacorn Enterprises has expressed interest in the possibility of investing in TerraCycle US Inc.

An expression of interest in investment does not guarantee investment, rather, it helps to indicate to our potential investors the current direction in which we are looking to expand.

Sustainably Essential / Bacron Tech

Basil E. Bacorn Enterprises is currently looking to launch two new companies. Sustainably Essential will sell eco-friendly necessities at affordable prices, and Bacron Tech will specialize in electronics and accessories.

Parties interested in investing in Sustainably Essential or Bacron Tech are encouraged to reach out to Basil E. Bacorn Enterprises at

Thank you.

Basil E. Bacorn Enterprises Website Launch


Basil E. Bacorn Enterprises is launching its website for informational and licensing purposes. You can find all of our subsidiaries in the directory and get information on licensing creative works we manage by filling out the contact form. You can also find all of our contact information for all Basil E. Bacorn companies on our Contact page.

Thank you for your interest in Basil E. Bacorn Enterprises!