Hello! Thank you for your interest in investing in Basil E. Bacorn Enterprises! Please use this site to peruse our many ventures and latest updates. This page is dedicated to informing current and potential investors of our investor-only services. If interested in investing, please email us directly at

Basil E. Bacorn Enterprises is currently operating as a sole proprietorship with plans to incorporate by December 2021, or earlier, with a starting number of 15,000 shares authorized. We are interested in selling 75 shares of common stock at $10.00 a share to cover the costs of incorporation.

As an investor of Basil E. Bacorn Enterprises, you are entitled to our Quarterly Investor's Report, which is sent out via email to all of our investors in April, July, October, and January each year. The report covers all of the company's financial allocations, as well as profits from our subsidiaries. We issue a quarterly dividend to our investors in those quarters which we are able to do so.

Along with our Quarterly Investor's Reports, we release to all of our investors a Yearly Business Plan every January which states a detailed summary of the year's ventures as well as the Yearly Budget.

For more information, again, please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.